By Queers, For Queers: Introducing “DoubleDHarnesses”

Sex, apparel, and products simply for daily life

IMAGE: “Save The Bees” bulldog harness — DoubleDHarnesses on Etsy

Whether it’s “F**k Me” pasties, clitoris suckers, a genderqueer pride-themed butt plug, or a plethora of different types of harnesses, this shop is run by Queers, for Queers in more than one way. For specification purposes, I will be referring to this shop’s Etsy presence, how I personally found them, rather than their stand-alone route which is also a great option.

DoubleDHarnesses” owner Dimarnae Deveau (alliteration at its finest) provides a wide range of products for sex, apparel, and just everyday Queer necessities. The latter coming forward in the form of gender confirmation products for our TGNCNB community members. This section of the shop offers everything from FTM foam packers, packer poaches of various symbol designs, and body binding tape of a wide range of skin tones.

The shop’s clear product focus, harnesses, come in many different styles, themes, and colors of both pre-made and custom requests. Pictured above is their “Save The Bees” harness which is 100% vegan friendly. Including more LGBTQ+ Pride themes in their products, the shop also sells a Trans Pride and general LGBTQ+ Pride harness. For a more full-body option, they have another vegan-friendly harness with a detachable cock ring, with harness primary and secondary colors to choose from. Their “Risqué” harness with chains and optional armbands is also a great look. These are but a few examples of what the store has to offer.

In the form of a mini-interview, I had the opportunity to speak with Dimarnae (pronoun flexible) about DoubleDHarnesses and what their mission is for the shop as a whole.

What prompted you to start this specific business in the first place?

It was actually my friend Dan who inspired me. He’s very into fashion and always working on his next look. Most of his outfits incorporate a harness of some sort into them; some harnesses he makes, some he buys.

One day I told him he should try to sell them. I really didn’t know much about them or the market. Then I decided to give making one a go… it was terrible. But I enjoyed the process so I looked into alternative materials and styles and got really into just the designing aspect of it/figuring out what others didn’t offer and what I could bring to the table.

IMAGE: “Pink Camo” print harness — DoubleDHarnesses on Etsy

Does your personal Queer identity intertwine with your business and/or push it forward? If so, how?

It definitely does. I’ve always struggled with gender identity and our FTM harness was completely built and designed by me solely because I wasn’t seeing anything for the transmasculine folk. I’ve gotten such good feedback on how the product has helped alleviate gender dysphoria for people. It’s made me want to try to come up with other designs similar to the first.

Because I’m so open about everything in my life and never ever judge an idea brought to me, it’s made me build this little judgment-free community which is pretty great.

DoubleDHarnesses’ red “Cupid’s Sash” asymmetrical harness.
DoubleDHarnesses’ red “Cupid’s Sash” asymmetrical harness.
IMAGE: Red “Cupid’s Sash” asymmetrical harness — DoubleDHarnesses on Etsy

How would you respond to those outside the LGBTQ+, or specifically outside the TGNCNB community who may label your store as “just another sex shop?”

I’d say take a look around. Most shops don’t offer what we do. Beyond sex toys, as stated, we offer tools to help with gender dysphoria. Not a lot of people outside their bubbles really understand that, and I’d like to change that with our products.

When I first started, my mom actually helped me a lot with picking products for the cis/heteronormative humans. Obviously, I know the basics of what people want and need, but it’s nice to have opinions that aren’t your own. As I started showing her what I was buying, things like packers and modified strap-ons and whatnot, she had no judgment; just questions on what they were for and how they were used.

I think having a store that’s so open and not what you’d see if you walked into your local sex shop is pretty great. I get to educate people who just don’t know about these matters, or don’t know how to ask questions about them without feeling judgemental. I hope to have a physical location one day so I can change the “just your average sex shop” mindset. Along with my harnesses, I want to expand my toy and non-toy selections to be as inclusive as possible.

Not everyone can just walk into a sex shop and feel completely included and valid because gender is a hard type of dysphoria. It’s real and it comes out most when you’re trying to find an intimate item that’s just not made for you, or “made for you” but marketed as made for a specific gender. People just want to be included and that’s all I’m tryna do.

DoubleDHarnesses’ “Red Silicone Heart Gag”
DoubleDHarnesses’ “Red Silicone Heart Gag”
IMAGE: “Red Silicone Heart Gag” — DoubleDHarnesses on Etsy

Is there anything else you would like to mention? What can we expect coming up from DoubleDHarnesses?

I plan to expand and grow as much as possible. I want to be a one-stop shop where anyone can come and feel welcome and be as open as they want. There are definitely more designs and new materials to come.

IMAGE: Front buckle “Pac-Man” themed harness — DoubleDHarnesses on Etsy

On top of already being incredibly inclusive with their products, DoubleDHarnesses offers a payment plan option for those of us who are tempted but don’t want to empty out their bank account all at once.

Supporting Queer-owned and operated businesses like Dimarnae’s always gives you more bang for your buck. Sex pun intended.

Democratic socialist Queer rights activist who is sexually liberated and respects their mental health. Email me:

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