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IMAGE: Max Micallef — C.B. Grubb

Where do I even start? The first thing that comes to mind when writing this is Tinder or Hinge. The idea of taking an in-progress memoir and making it even more condensed seems diminishing. But maybe that’s narcissistic. If this wasn’t condensed that would defeat the point of an introduction, wouldn’t it?

My name is Max Micallef (they/he/she), and I’m a proud Queer identifying person both in sexual orientation and gender identity. I’m also a proud democratic socialist and LGBTQ+ rights activist & advisor here in New York State and beyond. I continue to hold multiple different political and advocacy…

“They’re that political sex person”

IMAGE: Unsplash — Monika Kozub

The best way to explain it is that I’m trying to navigate multiple different levels or sects of society. Specifically:

  • The general, or my immediate society’s social norms.
  • The queer community’s social norms.
  • The social norms of those who work in politics & government.
  • The social norms (or rightful lack thereof) of those who are sexually liberated with themselves.

I’m a Queer Rights Activist, a democratic socialist, and I’m a sexually liberated person trying to get people to realize I’m not “less than” those first two labels simply because I’m embracing the latter very human experience. …

“Everyone cannot be treated equally and equitably unless we are all treated equally and equitably.”

Candidate Mckayla Wilkes running for U.S. Congress
IMAGE: Candidate Mckayla Wilkes running for U.S. Congress — Courtesy of the Wilkes Campaign

True progressive movements maintain their dedication towards putting concrete action into the systemic issues that we cannot afford to neglect a second more. One of Maryland’s finest continues to step up to the plate in driving these systemic addressings home on the local, state, and definitely the federal level. This candidate brings the needed holistic approach to our politics, incorporating each individual experience as part of the shared civic collective.

Mckayla Wilkes (she/her), a bold progressive activist, is running for a second time in the democratic primary for Maryland’s 5th U.S. Congressional District. The district is currently held by incumbent…

A quick break from your regular broadcasting for a public service announcement… and some exciting personal news

IMAGE: Created by Max Micallef

I have a quick PSA from my usual writing here on Medium to announce a decision I have made… which really isn’t a break at all from the topics I write about already.

My name is Max Micallef (they/he/she), I’m a Queer Rights Activist, a proud democratic socialist, and I am running for Co-Chair of the Queer Socialists Working Group with the national DSA-USA organization.

Personally, I identify as Queer in sexual orientation and Genderqueer in gender identity. One big “Q” in “LGBTQ+”. I currently serve as the Public Policy Coordinator & Community Liaison with GLSEN Lower Hudson Valley here…

The journey within a journey of living a sober, queer life

IMAGE: Unsplash — Greg Rosenke

Disclaimer: This article discusses topics including but not limited to different types of addictions, substance abuse as a whole, and various aspects/areas of mental health.

In a morbid humor type of way, it’s very ironic to tell people I stopped drinking at the age of twenty-one. Similar to a firefighter putting out the flames of their own burning house. Or maybe putting out the flames before it got to a point of no return. Getting sober was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. …

Asexual people have always existed, and we need to further validate them as part of our community

IMAGE: Asexual marchers at World Pride Parade Toronto 2014. Stanford lecturer Karli Cerankowski’s work has helped make asexuality studies a recognizable academic discipline —

Coming from a similar stream of thought as my pre-Pride Month reflection, I’m really excited to see how we as a queer collective are starting to address our inter-marginalization. In this case, the marginalization of queer people within the queer community itself. This towards specific queer identities themselves, and intersectional identities on lines like race and disability. Bi, pan, and individually queer people (like myself) uplifted as representations of the spectrums that are sexual and gendered existence.

One group of people I see receiving the attention they are owed is the asexual community. The “A” in “LGBTQIA+”. …

Spinning truths to excuse bad behavior doesn’t change the truth in your favor

IMAGE: Unsplash — Patrick Fore

I recently published an article on how I believe it is all of our responsibilities, LGBTQ+ or not, to reject bigoted candidacies like Caitlyn Jenner’s run for Governor of California. One reply to it was a response that went along the lines of, “I agree, but…” which is already a strong sign the person actually doesn’t agree. If you don’t agree, just say you don’t agree. That “but” usually comes up when people say things like, “I’m not homophobic, but…” or “I’m not racist, but…” or “I’m not sexist/misogynistic, but…” Sociologically speaking, that’s called a disclaimer. This idea that adding…

I know I’m late to the game, but it was great without it

IMAGE: Kaspersky Daily

I am not embarrassed at all. Deleting all of my social media over three years ago was the second best decision I have ever made for myself. Since then, all I kept was one… maybe two dating apps. I started this Medium account along the way and a Reddit only recently. Now that I’m in a place where I could care less if I have social media, meaning the positives outway the negatives rather than some high horse stance on it, I decided to “join the grid” again. Well, just Twitter.

Yes, I’ll be 24 years old in June, I’m…

Views on what it means to be queer, our community as a whole, and how we move forward together

IMAGE: Unsplash — Carlos de Toro

Pride Month is just around the corner. After last year’s Pride events were canceled due to the pandemic, this is our first Pride back where vaccination rates are high, many of us queer folk will be able to come together again to celebrate who we are. Amongst the pain and struggle our world collective continues to go through in facing COVID’s layered ramifications, there were plenty of moments people took as an opportunity to reflect. Reflection on who we are as people, individually and together, and who we want to be or become.

In terms of my sexual orientation, I…

An introductory guide to sexual orientation, gender identity, and other aspects of life; LGBTQ+ or not

IMAGE: Unsplash — Jess Bailey

Hello! Welcome to Queer Education: 101. Whether you are LGBTQ+ identifying or not, I’m glad you’ve decided to educate yourself on issues all of us interact with and hold simply because we are human beings. I’m “Professor” Micallef, but you can just call me Max. I’m just cool like that… or maybe I’m trying to form a bond with my students so my job becomes less strenuous in a country that treats educators like garbage. Please give me some leeway here.

I personally identify as Queer both in sexual orientation and gender identity. The “Q” in “LGBTQ+”. Though not pertaining…

Max Micallef

Democratic socialist Queer Rights Activist who is sexually liberated and uplifts mental health. Email me:

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